Friday, February 4, 2011

January ramblings.....

January is in the books and despite a minor setback (old man back injuries suck) training is progressing well so far. I have gotten back to the pool full force and although I still only move slightly faster than pond water, my swim fitness is returning quickly. Hopefully, with some concentrated effort this year, I can progress from pond water speed to trickling water hose speed. I’m also hoping this year I can make it to one of Carole’s swim clinics in Atlanta and she can turn me into one of those speedy torpedoes in the water. I am still hesitant to throw down a split goal for Knoxville as it appears that although I have swam countless miles over the years, completed many 70.3’s and even a 140.6, I still find surviving a 400m open water swim a major accomplishment. Damn those sea monsters and large man eating fish.

This week I conducted an LT Field test to wire down my training zones. Over the course of that test I came to realize several things:
1. LT Tests suck.
2. Despite how much an LT Test sucks I’m not as out of shape as I thought.
3. The tri shorts I was wearing on the treadmill were so threadbare (apparently from swimming), that my…… man parts were visible …. (Luckily for me, and the rest of the world, it was early, and I was alone in the gym).
4. I need new shorts.

This Sunday is The Red Top Rumble 11.5 Trail Race, which is the first event of 2011 for me. This is a small trail race sponsored by the Georgia Ultra Running and Trail running Society (GUTS). This one is an Atlanta favorite and is limited to only 300 runners and usually sells out within 3 hours. Not an overly technical course however there is several sections with long steep leg blistering climbs and descents. Last year I finished in 1:36. Would like a 1:30 or better this year. I had hoped my new Avi-Stoltz would have arrived in the mail for the race, but alas, no……..

Things I am really excited about this year: 2011 Trakkers Team and sponsors! Especially Avi-stoltz shoes (Avia Shoes in general), Recovery Pump (I need this bad), and the Rev3 Half in Knoxville!

Finally, I’m still looking for a Trakkers Teamate for the Rev3 Adventure Race in April……..Male or Female……. Or both…… registration is free for us……………… any takers out there?.........Hello?


  1. I would love to do an adventure race, but I can't in April.

    Can I ask how you got over the old man back issues. I am dealing with some now, and I could use some insight

  2. Good luck finding a buddy for the race. I can't get down for it either. I wish I could though.

  3. I'd do the Adventure Race in a heartbeat but I have an April 70.3 followed by a May 104.6 and it just wouldn't work.

    Had the same thing happen to me with the Tri shorts a couple weeks back. We finished up masters swim and we are walking to the lockerroom and my buddy says, "Not leaving much to the imagination dude." I was like what? And then looked down. uh oh. Then I started to wonder how long they had been that way?

  4. How did it go!?! I have heard that is a great race!

  5. OMG I almost spit my drink out at the man parts thing! And Jeff... it's good to have good friends that aren't afraid to let you know what you're leaving a bit too much hanging out! ha ha :D

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