Thursday, October 29, 2009

Got a new pair of shoes today........

Race wheels arrive today and I can't be more excited! Planet X Pro carbon 50s! They look awesome and I can't wait to get tires on them. Gonna give them a spin tomorrow! For some reason I'm much more excited about these than I was for my first set of Zipps...... Maybe because not only will I be fast, now I can afford to eat!
Other news...Looks like team Trakkers has teamed up with 1st Endurance for Race nutrition. Heard some awesome stuff about it and I cant wait to give it a try. Great to have an alternative to Perpetum ( or baby formula as its called by a very good friend), Hammer Gel, and Heed........ Plus they have an awesome website! Checkout the link.
Putting the 2010 Race schedle together soon. Rev 3 Half in Knoxville right now looks like my early season A race.....sure wish somebody would put on a late season HIM in Atlanta....Whatever Man.....
Supposed to be a rest day I feel pretty good so I'm headed to the lake for a OWS!

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