Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 is on!

This week's warm weather has created a small case of spring fever! It was especially nice to get off the trainer and actually ride on the road twice this week! Very strange to be riding in 70 degree weather and still see piles of snow on the ground in Georgia.

Unfortunately the Lake lanier Temps are still in the 50's but starting to slowly creep toward the 60s which will be later this month hopefully. Need to get out of the pool and in the lake! I really want see how the Tri Slide works with the wetsuit! I've already use it in lieu of Glide several times and it works pretty damn well!

Looks like this is the Race schedule for 2010. I'm trying to figure a way to fit in Cedar Pointe in Sep but work is not cooperating. Not included are several smaller 5ks and a trail run or two spread throughout the season. The big question is will I be able to train for both road and off road races......I guess we'll see about that one! Whatever!

Apr 17 2010, Xterra DU, Tribble Mill, Lawrenceville, Ga
Apr 25 2010, Xterra TRI, Ft Yargo, Winder, Ga
May 8-9 2010, Rev 3 TTI, Knoxville, Tn
May 29 2010, *Xterra DU, Fort Yargo, Winder, Ga
Jun 19 2010, *Xterra DU, Chicopee Woods, Gainesville, Ga
Aug 14 2010, Fools Gold 100/50 Mile Mtn Bike Race, Dahlonega. Ga
Sep 26 2010, Six Gap Century, Dahlonega, Ga
Oct 7 2010, Lake lanier TRI, Buford, Ga
Oct 2010, Dirty Spokes 12/6, Mountain Bike Race, Helen, Ga
Nov 2010, Beach 2 Battleship, Wilmington, NC

The Trakkers Pro Team is already on fire with its second victory of the 2010 triathlon season. Brian Fleischmann took the victory at the USAT Elite Developmental Race down in Clermont, Florida. Just hope I'll be able to contribute a few strong finishes this year!


  1. Are you doing B2B full? I did it last year and my husband did the first year - I loved that fast swim!

  2. Looks like a great race schedule!