Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I walked outside of my office to see the large quarter sized flakes slowly cascading to the ground bonding with the almost unbroken white blanket that covered nearly everything. In only a short period of time an inch of snow had already accumulated and more was promised. A few minutes earlier the boss decided to release everyone from work early so as not to have to risk driving the long treacherous ice and snow covered mountain road back to Dahlonega, which was bound to worsen as the day progressed. This was the fourth major snowfall of the year in North Georgia causing schools and businesses to close. Our small quaint little town will most likely take on a festive type atmosphere as college students freed from classes take to the parade field and compete to see which group can form the largest snowball as they usually do on a snow day. Several years ago I remember driving by and seeing what had to have been a 15’ snowball on the parade field along with several lesser 7 footers scattered about. Today would probably be no different.
The sight outside my office was beautiful… The long cascading waterfall next to my office was flanked on either side by snow covered rocks. Icicles were beginning to form on the dripping rocks that overlook the falls. Immediately I wished I had my camera as the view was post card like. In some was it was a shame to have to walk to my truck and break the smooth white covering with my footprints. I couldn’t help but think how beautiful it was…..and how breathtaking…..and how cold….and wet…..and how it also means……. another F@*!*^g trainer ride. Damn I’m ready for summer……

Good new is that despite the crappy weather here in the south, training is in full swing and I feel as healthy as I ever had for this time of year even though my bike base is slightly down. I was pretty skeptical at first however I think the switch to from Pearl Izumi shoes to Saucony has helped me as my foot pain while running has been reduced drastically. I poured back over my logs recently and although I have been dealing with calf problems for several years now I believe the foot problems (Plantar issues) were caused by my running shoes as it coincided with the switch to a new model of PI shoes. So BIG thumbs up to Sacony shoes. Can’t wait to get new trail shoes as the season’s first Xterra is next month!

I also can’t wait until 21 March! Aside from it being ING weekend, I’ve signed on for Carole’s swim clinic she’s running in Atlanta. This will be the first time I have EVER had ANY swim coaching or instruction. Should be fun and interesting…….or maybe embarrassing……or whatever….man….it can’t make me swim any worse, that’s for sure!


  1. I'm lovin' the Saucony shoes too.

  2. Is this MamaBear Carols swim clinic? If so, you are in for a treat! She rocks hard core when it comes to swim form. She just looked at mine last week and helped me out big time! Have fun!

  3. sweet pic! you climb up ice?? Where was the pic taken?

  4. I do.....Believe it or not...Georgia