Monday, November 1, 2010

Get on the Truck

I’ve spent a fair portion of my adult life in charge of people. Groups of people. These groups of people have ranged in sizes from LGOPs (little groups of paratroopers), to a 200 man plus company. Inside of these groups, there were always people who possessed a variety of skills and talents. Some of these talents have ranged from challenged at best, to abilities that far exceeded my own. Despite these abilities of the people in these groups, the success of these groups more often than not hinged on keeping them focused on the mission at hand, and sometimes just getting them there. And despite their skill level, training, experience, talent, performance, good or bad, a substantial portion of my job was saving them from themselves. One of the old sayings most soldiers have heard one time or another is, ” If you’re going, shut the f@(* up, and get on the truck”. Today I was told the get on the truck. Thanks!
13 Days to B2B 2010.


  1. This is awesome. Shower, anyone??? naaaa....

  2. Oh CRAP.. you stole my new blog title. How could you???? Oh, and no humidity in Boulder.You forgot that, right Sharpe? And yes you look quite striking (eye candy style) all muddy and stuff there... GO TRAKKERS!!! I wish I had a green skin suit for Cross. :-(