Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SOB 2011

Watch out Race World. I came up with a brilliant idea on the way to Wilmington, NC for the B2B Half.
For those of you not familiar with I-95, just inside the northern South Carolina border lies a little gem of a place known as South of the Border. It's been referred to as many things over the years by travelers, and vacationers. America's Highway Oasis, The Acapulco of the East, South Carolina's Shithole...wait, forget the last one. Anyway....It's been there since 1949, and in my travels up and down I-95 over the years, I've watched this little place grow over the years from a trendy little truck stop to a full blown family vacation destination, kind of like Vegas but without nice casinos, hot dancers, Wayne Newton, or Lion Tamers. I am sure there are probably been a real life episodes of the Hangover made there weekly. Where else on earth can you take an elevator up 200’ inside the world’s largest sombrero, ride a roller coaster, spend the day in the Silver Slipper Arcade, buy rubber dog poop, and view a life size replica of the world’s largest Great White Shark, all in the same day. ….and I was only approached by one person pandering for money….this isn’t your run of the mill truck stop….oh no! So this is when I came up with my idea. Why not hold a triathlon here! It’s perfect! I know there is already a Rev 3 SC but this is kind of like being in Mexico….or its own little country……
Rev3 South of the Border......nah.... Maybe the Rev3 SOB? Perfect.... I'm a genius.... So here is my plan for Rev 3 SOB 2011.
Ok here’s what I was thinking.... Swim location would have to be the Reptile lagoon... although it would have to be pool lap swim who cares.... the alligators and snakes would be a great twist, plus the Giardiasis risk would make you swim even faster.
Transition area is already marked and only a short run from the swim exit. Very little broken glass and I didn’t see one syringe!
The SOB bike course is awesome. I -95 baby, Straight, scenic, lightning fast and already marked nearly every few miles. See?

And naturally the SOB run course would be through the streets and road around SOB and finish between the Rev3 SOB mascots legs! Pedro! The SOB SOB himself! No need to even bring the blow up arch.
After the race spectators would wander for hours around SOB shopping for fireworks and real Mexico souvenirs. New shipments from Taiwan arrive weekly so the shelves are always stocked. Whoopie cushions, boobie mugs, pet rocks, cheesie t-shirts, unlimited NASCAR products….and of course SOB is only a short distance away from Redneck Mecca, Darlington. Knoxville Rev3 has the Sunsphere Tower…. Rev3 SOB has the Sombrero, and Dog Dirt……

Would be an awesome race venue, right?….. Yeah maybe not………..whatever… well if you need gas or rubber dog poop, SOB is the place! Gotta love America!

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